A new generation

Something that is revving me up at the moment is that this generation of young people coming up are really interested and focused on caring for the less fortunate.

Many of them are spoilt brats, and have been given everything they could ever want.
But for many of them, instead of turning them into consumers…it has meant they are actually bored early by things.

Many of the YP both in our church and on the periphery are more interested in helping out less fortunate people, in a whole raft of ways, instead of just going after the latest thrill.

This is a good time to foster their love for others and for the church to be a place in society where we are known for how we help those less fortunate than ourselves, just as the early church was.

2 thoughts on “A new generation”

  1. Wow go those young people! I wish I knew more young adults like that; most of them I know are the consumer, entertainment-seeking types unfortunately.

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