Gillard, Rudd and Twitter

Twitter really has become the place for instant news action. Last night I was watching television with my wife, and we both had out laptops out.
Then it happened in my twitter stream…..rumours of a leadership spill happening at the highest level in Australian parliment.
I flicked on the radio…nothing there yet, and there was certainly nothing on the TV.

But the Twitters had it right, a variety of journalists, scuttlebutters and retwits were on the spot, bringing the information to whoever was following them, Julia was in Rudd’s office, calling for his head.

Eventually the news broke on radio…in Perth 6PR..and then eventually when it become obvious that this was serious…Channel Seven and Ten, and we did see Rudd’s press conference live.

Channel Nine and ABC had a failure of a night for West Australians, with Nine and Two going ‘live’ about 3 hours after the fact. In other words us folks in WA were not seeing ‘news’ but ‘olds’.

As I watched the more traditional media trot out the ‘breaking story’ I sat back in my Twitter smugness, assured that I knew about it 3 hours before the now old fashioned media got its act together.

2 thoughts on “Gillard, Rudd and Twitter”

  1. Mark Skynews were all over it – I watched in unfold live … Cable TV & the net will ultimately be the death of TV news

  2. Yes, for those who have pay tv, which is still a minority.
    However…once the ABC has a dedicated 24 hr news channel, I think they will eat the Pay news channels.
    No one really believed the challenge was on until the ABC said it was.

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