Harvey the best, guess who the worst?

Pre Season Mark Harvey was odds on favourite to be the first AFL coach sacked.
I must admit, I had reserved judgement on him as well. A pretty poor year last year did not leave me with a lot of hope for this season. At this point, we are well past what I dared to hope for this time of the year.
Well entrenched in the top four.

There is an old adage in the AFL, the players get the credit for a good performance, the coach for a bad one, which is probably unfair.

But even the most ardent critic must give Harvey a great deal of credit for the way Freo are playing at the moment.

Hard, tough, relentless tackling…just how we are told Harvey used to play.
He has even managed to get McPhee to find his place in the team, and play well. The last two games have shown his talent for the team.

Mark Harvey has won me over.

And the critics agree with Rohan Connolly labelling him the best AFL Coach so far.
Guess who is the worst? mmmm…..
Rohan’s List

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