No Bulldust

Recently someone posted something on their blog which caused me to reflect on my dad’s legacy…here is how I responded to their post on ‘doorknocking’

My dad started two churches that way. (doorknocking)
One up your way, which is going well.
another down at Port Kennedy, which is also going well too.

He took out ‘Boundaries’ videos, ‘Jesus’ video…whatever and lent them to people.

It was hard work.

But he has led more people to know Jesus than anyone I know, and he was NOT supernaturally gifted with evangelism.

He just worked hard, was used to rejection, and loved people.

He did not believe in shortcuts, and ever time I think of his legacy, where at his funeral a few hundred people who I never knew, but who he led to God, came along, it challenges the heck out of me.

At his best moments, he worked like Jesus.
There was no bulldust with Merve Edwards

2 thoughts on “No Bulldust”

  1. We led a lot of people to Christ by door knocking with the Jesus video. At one home the whole family and the lady took the video to work at a nursing home. Only God knows how many others were saved. Door knocking is not popular with many Christians and it takes a lot of courage to do, but there really are people out there ready to hear the message of Christ.

  2. Your dad was amazing, I loved him so much!! He never let anyone stop his efforts for bringing people to the Lord, he went forward with complete and absolute confidence in what he was doing. I was so blessed to be involved in his ministry in the 80's… Good old Merv… I can wait to see him again!

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