Gillard is possibly an Atheist

Our new PM is reportedly not sure about her beliefs about God.
There has been quite the discussion on radio about the so called ‘Christian Vote’.

Some are saying that she is going to miss out on such vote, because of her views.

This is simply not true.
I have Christian friends who are passionate ‘Green’ Votes.
I have Christian friends who are passionate anti “Green’ Voters.
And everything in between. One lady I know yelled out “Praise the Lord” when Howard got back in. Others where weeping at what had happened.

You can’t categorise us Christians by voting patterns or Blocs anymore than you could categorise non-Christians.

Buyer beware when trying to get the Christian vote, you are likely to just as many offside as you attract.

One thought on “Gillard is possibly an Atheist”

  1. Martin Luther (Church reformer 16th cent.) used to say that he'd rather have a competent Turk in charge rather than an incompetent Christian

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