Practical Atheism

The previous post has informed a little of what I am speaking about on Sunday as we kick off our new series on ‘Putting the rubber to the road’

From what I am sharing on Sunday…
“We all know people dont we…who say one thing and do another…we call such people hypocrites…or perhaps we call them politicians… ha ha!
In fact some would say that Kevin Rudd was deposed from his position because he promised a lot, but did not do much. Now whether that is true of not is actually not the issue…the issue is that there was a perception of that.
And James makes it clear that for the Christian…what we say must match up with what we do. Faith in God demands action…belief in Jesus means we will not just be hearers of the word…but doers of the word..and James will touch on that later.
He says here that the bible is like a mirror. We hold up a mirror to our face to show what we are like. For some of us, at 6am in the morning that is a really scary experience! Imagine waking up seeing your face is dreadful…you know there is salivia dripping down your chin, the cat has left hair on your pillow…even the mirror is recoiling in horror…and doing nothing about that and walking out of your room and scarring the kids.”

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