Politics and 2010 Election

* As a pastor I try to not tell people how to vote, nor how I vote. I don’t think that is my role, and furthermore….I think each person should vote according to their own conscience. and being a spiritual leader, I might sway people too much…and I don’t want to do that.

* This was the least inspiring election I can remember. Both major parties attacked the other party relentlessly, rather than give inspiring leadership. Even if I disagree, I am more likely to be attracted to leadership, rather than negative rubbish.

* The result was indicative of this, with the most amount of ‘donkey’ votes ever.

* We should all thank God that the election took place with peace and order, and without the need for armed guards, fear and jostling…as happens in other countries, as some folk from church explained to me in amazement (at our procedures)

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