Real Men WA

City blokes need input as well.
I am pretty heavily involved in the Mighty Mens Conference which is deliberately aimed at a rural bloke. Hence the accommodation is basic, the food is tasty and plentiful and the whole production values, while professional..are low key.

The Real Mens Conference put on by C3 Hepburn Heights is squarely aimed at Urbanites. Which is great.

Friday night was a full on media/tech experience….heaps of excellent values, fireworks off guitars and slick presentations. A good coffee van outside, and blokes encouraged to twitter about the event while it was happening.

I think many secular organizations could learn some clues from how to put on a conference.

Pastor Phil Pringle, who heads up the C3 movement spoke on the Friday Night, the only night I could attend.
One of the highlights for me was when he challenged the men to ‘man up’ and support the ministry…in every way…and not leave it for other blokes to carry their load.
I heard some excellent comments about Graham Mayburys talk on the Saturday…always insightful, wise and challenging.

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