Do you know this man? Gregory Holmes

This is not a joke, or rumour.
This is from a lady that is involved at our Toddler Jam Ministry at Inglewood Church.
She believes in the power of dreams…as do I.

13 years ago, my Dad disappeared into the night…I am asking your help to find him. His name is Gregory Holmes.

After having a gun held to his head in his news agency in Mosman Park Western Australia, he disappeared.He is a Vietnam vet, and also suffering post traumatic stress. We have not seen him since 13 April 1998. We found his car (a white Barina) at the Warwick train station a few days later.
On 1st August 1998, my 21st Birthday, we had a phone call….there was no one speaking on the other end, but I know it was my dad. We traced the call to Geraldton WA…that was the last contact we had.

In 2000 my dad was found by police in the eastern states of Australia under an assumed name, he indicated he was not yet ready to return to his former life. Now I think he feels it has just been too long, but it is never too late to make amends, even if we could just get a letter to him…

He is a short man, about 162cm would probably be almost bald by now,he had a black moustache then, and may have a beard, or may be clean shaven…who knows. His build was slim to medium. He also wears glasses. He would be 64 years old now.

I ask you to keep your eyes peeled, or if you have ANY information please contact me ASAP on….

Why now? So long after the event? We have tried so many things to locate my dad, this came to me in a dream….and I believe in the power of people and friendship, and hoping someone, somewhere can help us….my Dad has only met one of his grandchildren and I would really like my kids to grow up knowing their granddad….he has 9 grandchildren.

If you have ANY information….please contact me.

Thank you

Kaylene Taylor

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