Danny Green at ‘The Bloke’

Last night I went along to Riverview Church to ‘The Bloke’ which is a mens event, and to hear Danny Green speak.

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It was an excellent night, great event which you could invite anyone along too.
The music, themes, panel, multi-media, videos were all along the theme of “I am Legend” with the question being, who is a legend, what makes a legend.

Danny Green was invited by Hayden Nelson, a friend of mine, and Senior Pastor at Riverview.
He did a great job of interviewing Green.

Danny spoke really well, humorous, appropriate and insightful…a really interesting bloke.
Hayden asked him, and Danny spoke about how he rescued a guy from drowning down at Rabbits Beach, how he loves his family, his time on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and some of his fights.

Of course the ‘money’ questions were the ones about Mundine and Paul Briggs.
Danny shared that he hardly knows Mundine, and that he does actually appreciate some of his values. Green once rang him up when he was on Sydney Talkback, and pretended to just be a normal caller, hassling Mundine for not wanting to fight Green. Then he revealed who he was. Green would love to fight Mundine again.

The explanation of the fight with Briggs was interesting, with Danny stating that Briggs was serious about the fight, to the point of playing mind games, having extra weight (which means more strength and power) and Briggs trying to portray to the Danny Camp that Green was going to get smashed. The end result is being investigated, but from Danny’s point of view, the media reported s lot of ‘baloney’ about the fight.

At the end, Danny wanted to share with the audience about his faith, or lack of faith. In fact it was clear he had come prepared to say something about his own spirituality. It was a very honest and frank assessment that he struggles to believe in God because of the poverty and pain and suffering he see’s in the world, particularly children suffering. It was delivered in a fighting manner…and Hayden was obviously comfortable with Danny sharing the truth about his faith…I have to say they handled it really well.

All in all, a very well organised event, something that no matter where you stand with God, you could have received some value from it.

4 thoughts on “Danny Green at ‘The Bloke’”

  1. Hey Mark, I was wondering, was there a value from a christian point of view or a everyday persons point of view? Is church the place for this kind of interview? What was Hayden's objective behind this kind of event? I heard they interview a footy coach once, was it the eagles current coach?

  2. Hi mate
    from my POV the value was in having non church blokes at a church event. Breaking down barriers and perceptions.

    With our post christian and post church culture, getting blokes to anything churchy is a real issue.

    This was truly an event you could invite a non church bloke too.

    Hayden presented the gospel towards the end, and prayed for all the blokes as well.

    There is no question Danny Green was a huge attractional draw card for non church and church blokes as well.

    They did interview Worsfold once, but I missed that one.

  3. These types of events are brilliant for unchurched guys to make an initial connection to church

    OK Mark now I want a detailed analysis of the RM Friday nite – a totally different event aimed at the Christian bloke!

  4. I went to the DG event, and I’d been to the time they had Justin Langer there. It’s a great event to get blokes to and reveal that church doesn’t have to be what everyone grows up thinking it is hey.

    So are you coming to the next one Mark with the one and only Glenn McGrath?

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