Man up!

I am speaking at Harvest Time 2010, a mens conference put on by some of the Fourquare Churches. (here)

Really looking forward to it.
God just dropped some thoughts and scriptures into my heart as I was praying about what to speak on….I don’t want to talk about that too much…as I will wait till I speak on it…but here is one of the analogies I have written down…

“When you watch football the worst thing that a commentator can say is that a player dogged it. that means he pulled out of the contest because he was afraid of being hurt.
Its the worst thing you can be called because football is a team sport, where every man on the field is meant to do what he can for the team. and when the time comes for that man to take a hit, to put his body on the line…if he pulls out, he is dogging it. How does this apply to todays men in todays church?”

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