The Goodies, George Thorogood and children…

Recently ABC2 have been playing some repeats of “The Goodies” a popular English show from the 70’s. I remember watching it as a 8 or 9 year old and laughing at the foolishness of the three main characters and the ridiculous situations and stories. Who can forget the giant cat roaming through the streets of London or the ‘black pudding’.

What is interesting to me now, as an adult, is what I missed. The crass jokes, the hidden meanings, the ‘nod nod wink wink’. It was hardly the worst show on television, and genuinely funny, but nothing like I remember as a kid!

Which brings me to George Thorogood, the master of the three cord blues. I downloaded some of his music, as I remembered its bluesy goodness from when I was 16 and 17. The chunky guitar and driving rhythm is still there…but I was surprised at some of the lyrics…I did not get some of it as a 16 year old, how naive was I! Nothing too over the top, just adult themes.

I wonder a couple of things, what are my kids ‘missing’, will they be as naive as me, and secondly…what am I ‘missing’ now?

Just something to ponder….

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