Food, glorious food

Many of my facebook statuses are about food. Every now and then someone makes a comment about that. Stirring me up for talking about food so much.I reckon they are jealous….

But seriously, lets talk about food.

In our beautiful country we have some of the best produce and skillful growers, and they make beautiful food. Their creativity is world class as is the produce.

When we visited Cairns we went down to the markets and picked out about 6 different and strange fruits. We then went back to our motel, had a BBQ and while sitting around the pool we sampled them all with our children. It was a beautiful experience the kids still talk about.

As those who know me personally will know, my wife is a superb cook. She teaches cooking, has studied both formally and informally and sets very high standards for herself and me. When I cook for the family, sometimes twice a week, I know I need to get it up to a certain standard. That has been fun for me actually, and I reckon I cook steak better than her! (But she wouldn’t agree).

My point is though that we have such beautiful opportunities to enjoy the good things God has given us, and we should! I must admit that those people who prefer standard food, every day, annoy me sometimes. Launch out a bit, try something different, you just might enjoy it! While getting the same satisfying reaction from the same foods may be of some benefit, I much prefer trying new flavours and experiences.

When I visited Indonesia I said to my traveling friend Wayne, ‘I am

Some food at a Indonesian home I visited

going to try everything, enjoy everything, and if I get sick, I get sick’. Now Indonesians are not as wealthy as we might be, but they love their food, and enjoy it.

There is balance needed of course. Many in the world don’t have enough. We should do what we can to help them, and I think our family does…to be frank.

So enjoy food, revel in it, God has provided it for you.

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