Dealing with communication and whispers

This week through a series of events I was told that some long standing members and valued contributors of our church were heading overseas for six months, and this Sunday would be their last.
The person responsible for the rosters had heard something similar and was surprised because this couple are very reliable and always let her know their movements.

I spoke to the husband in question…..turns out they are planning some short drives around our state next year. He was as surprised as I was at what was being said.
Its amazing how the whispers start and continue into a crescendo!

Here is some leadership lessons.

1. If you hear something and it sounds surprising, don’t discount the ‘whispers’ effect.
2. Go to the source, ask the person direct, this is what I have heard, whats actually going on?
3. Don’t be amazed at the diversity between what you have heard, and what really is.
4. Open, frank communication is always the best policy, no matter what your cultural background and heritage says. The extra little bit you don’t say, may be the most important piece of information.

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