For our church, we generally see Baptism as something which believers do as a outward symbol of an inward decision they have made. While we might dedicate a child to God, and pray a prayer of blessing for them, we know that as they mature, they will have to make a decision of their own with what they will decide about God, and the role He plays in their life.

This Sunday I was really blessed and honoured to be involved in two Baptisms, both of them involving two people who did not grow up in Christian homes. Hearing their testimonies was exciting and fascinating. There is not much more powerful in church life than hearing how God has moved in someones life, changed them forever. Both of these wonderful people shared how believing in Jesus as their Lord and Saviour transformed them. I encouraged them to be open and frank in their testimonies, its their story, and often in the vulnerable aspects, others relate.  It was an honour as a Pastor to baptise them.

We did the Baptism down at the Swan River in Bassendean, at a place called ‘Sandy Beach’. It was the perfect place, sunshine, clear sand, and a nice bank for the good crowd who came down to witness it. Powerful stuff!

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