Our Church Leadership

We had our ministry team leaders networking meeting last night.
What an absolute joy it is to work with these guys. So functional, positive, uplifiting.
We are very honest and open with each other, about our joys and struggles. And it is always an encouraging and purposeful time. Mostly because all of these leaders are a joy to work with.

Our structure helps as well, knowing what each of us is to do, what our roles are.


The purpose of this brochure is to explain how our church ‘works’.
(a) The role of the Members of the Congregation is stewardship.
(b) The role of the Leadership Team is to establish Guiding Principles for the Senior Pastor’s leadership.
(c) The role of the Senior Pastor is to lead the Church to accomplish its mission.
(d) The role of the Ministry Team is to manage the ministries of the Church, directed by the Pastor.
(e) The role of the Congregation is to serve as the primary ministers of the Church.

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