Sirengate Protest

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Hello all,

Yesterday has gone down as a bad bad day for the AFL. There is a perception over here in Freo that the AFL has a certain bias towards non victoran sides, and yesterday did nothing to dispel that.
Fair justice must prevail, common sense must be followed. Fremantle won the game fair and square, and after all this is what we are talking about, a game.

If indeed you are fair minded, you must do the right thing, despite the pain it might cost you. Fremantle must be given the four points. It is the right thing to do. That is all there is to it.

Pastor Mark Edwards
Bedford Baptist Church

4 thoughts on “Sirengate Protest”

  1. So are we talking yet?

    Does this mean that Bedford Baptist Church are lodging an offical complaint?

  2. Enjoyed your blog Mark and linked to it! Sorry about the debacle, but can Saint’s be sinners? 🙂

    Oh! When the Saints…

    Be encouraged!

  3. GW, not your fault mate, we are talking, but if we dont get our four points, there will be trouble!

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