Christmas Publicity

Here is the start of the publicity I have done up for our Christmas theme this year.

For the month of December we are looking at ‘Immanuel, Journey to Christmas’ discovering together some of the stories revolving around God’s coming to earth.

For some Christians the idea of celebrating Christmas is problematic. They see it as being based on a pagan festival. I don’t care about that. Its like Paul’s argument in Romans 14 in regard to the weaker brother. These people were eating meat that had been sacrificed to idols! Paul knew it was just meat, but some Christians were upset because of the pagan origins. Paul made it clear….its just meat, don’t sweat it, its good for your body. But don’t offend your weaker brother with your freedom.

For me and my church, Inglewood Community Church, Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to share the great news about Jesus coming to earth. To not use it to share the gospel is a waste, a missed ‘Kairos’ in my view.

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