Who goes to Mc Donalds on Christmas Day?

The local McDonalds, Maylands, has this sign up.

They are open on Christmas Day.

Now it is November 18th.

This means you could take this two ways. Either they have their sign up way too early, or they think people are going to be planning their Christmas Day around going to Mc Donalds.

Thats sobering.

Christmas at the Edwards’ house is full of provision, grace and blessing. We celebrate the great place we live in, the house and food and family we have. It is a day of extravegence. And there is nothing wrong with that! Jesus gave us this incredible world, and we should enjoy the fruit of its harvest.

But we also have health, great family and beautiful children.

So many don’t.

I often ask people, what are you doing for Christmas? Sometimes, truth be told, I am apprehensive of the answer, because for many, they don’t have exciting things to be doing on that day.

It is a time which brings into crystal clarity for many….what they don’t have.

So while I am enjoying and reveling in the good things I share with my family, I will also be aware that some people may be looking for a Mc Donalds store to visit.

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