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The largest purchase I have made previously on the Apple App store was Angry Birds.

But the other week I shelled out $25 for ‘Metroview’ Australia. It is a detailed Navigation App which is like a Tom Tom, only 1/4ter the price.

It gives turn by turn navigation with voice prompts. I love how it actually says which street you need to turn into. My wifes purpose built one in her car just says ‘turn right’, not the actual street name. It also is much quicker and more accurate than hers, which I find a little amazing.

Metroview has street numbers, points of interest and appears to have all the latest streets, and the initial price covers you for ongoing updates.

Another really cool feature I use is to plug my Iphone into my car stereo. Metroview allows you play your songs through the stereo and through its inbuilt little widget. When the voice needs to tell you something, the music fades in and out. The same principle applies when someone calls you.

For me, it was better to spend $25 on this app than buying a separate Navigation device. Great value.

(It also has speed alert, which can be handy since there is often times you just don’t know what the speed limit is!) App store

(I was not in any way compensated for this review, I just liked the product)

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  1. No it does not, you download the maps. I think you need wifi connection for Points of interest…but the actual navigation is all downloaded to phone.

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