Brooke Fraser ‘Who are we fooling’

This has to be one of the best songs written about marriage….ever.

Yes ever….
In it Brooke Fraser gently and skillfully brings in the reality of being married to one person…
Plenty of people present a beautiful picture of marriage, but reality is…if we are all frank, it is not always easy. Some days are like paradise, some days are like something else.
Of course, the internet is not the place to broadcast all that information….
But if you love your wife, like I love mine, and am determined to work together to put out any fires, you might relate to this song.

“Better or worse
But what else can we do?
And better or worse
I am tethered to you
If it’s not either of us
Tell me who are we fooling?

I love the art of biting my tongue
I’m tired of trying to guess what was wrong
Both agreed on where we should go
But not how to get there

We tried and tried to loosen the knots
Thinking once we’re untangled we’ll be better off
But it’s these failures and faults that hold us together”

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