Putting your hair where your heart is

We had a massive day at Inglewood Community Church today.

Big crowd in for the Kids Celebration Service. Lots and lots of visitors and extended family.

The kids from Jets Senior (upper primary) were inspirational as they discussed raising awareness and finance for poverty. Their great idea was for each of the Pastors to put a ‘bounty’ on their hair.

The price for our embarrassment was  $1000 each.

As it turned out we raised $4500, but Eliot only got to $950 so he was very fortunate! The rest of….not so much. Quentin in particular (our Children’s Pastor) was the most keenly bid…most people wanted his hair off.

Here is how it worked out.

Thats James on the left, youth pastor, sans hair, myself in the middle with coloured hair and beard, and Quentin, childrens pastor, also follicly challenged.

The good news though is that $4500 was raised for Elim kids, Kiva and Free to be kids At the end of the day the lessons learnt for future generations to take hold of are immense, and the short term goal of helping was also achieved.

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