Yahava Coffee in Margaret River, Hawaiian Kona

I am on holidays for a while and this blog is in recess, but I must tell you about this coffee I had yesterday. Melinda and I were blessed to be able to leave the kids with their grandparents and do a ‘foodie’ tour of the Margaret River region.
We visited lots of great places, one of them being Yahava Coffee just out of Margaret River.
The guy there knew his stuff, but his manner was reminiscent of the ‘Soup Nazi’ character from Seinfeld. He asked briskly what I wanted and I replied deadpan, ‘coffee’. Grunt….

But then I noticed they had some Kona coffee on special, $6 for a double shot. I supplied my own travel mug, and the aforementioned Barista went about his business efficiently filling it for me. Some background on these beans. Hawaiian Kona is described as “the worlds most sought after coffee; Kona is grown on a narrow band of mountainous volcanic soils that make up the western coastline of the big island of Hawaii”. Yahava sells it for $79.00 for 500g.

Despite his manner, the coffee makers skills needed no apology. The Kona was simply superb. Creamy, smooth, and towards the end of the cup..hints of mocha. I enjoyed the coffee even better towards the end, which says something good to me.

I am not in the position to buy some Kona beans, so settled for some Nepalese Terai Supreme The Barista assured me the beans were fresh, but needed a day or three to be at their optimum. They have a floral style, with cinnamon hints. Looking forward to seeing what I can do with it when I get home.


7 thoughts on “Yahava Coffee in Margaret River, Hawaiian Kona”

  1. “floral style, with cinnamon hints” – is this coffee or a flowers we are drinking here?!?!

    Actually I find Yallingup Coffee Co in Dunsboro a better brew than Yahava – their Smooth French is stellar!

  2. Dont know Jesper…he had a lot of different machines there though, but I did not see any other options to buy.

    John F….sigh…. :p

  3. Hey, I visited there last week too! I have to admit the Nepalese didn’t really do it for me. Had the Hawaiian Kona up here in the Valley though and that was supberb.

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