No man will know

I wonder how much I embarrass Jesus. I know I must. So the following is written having said that.

There is a church which has been receiving a lot of attention lately for their end times prophecy. They believed Jesus was coming back for His followers on the 21st. The 21st has come and gone, and Jesus has not come.

Its a shame that they did not take the words of Jesus as seriously as they said they did. He said Himself, ‘no man will know the day or the hour’, referring to the time He was returning.

The leader raised over a million dollars to promote the message. Its unfortunate this money was not spent on something far more inline with Jesus’ teaching, like feeding the poor.

Reality is though that a group of Christians raising a million dollars and feeding the poor would not get anywhere near the publicity this man has got. Outlandish statements are like that, with a high chance of spectacular failure.

There are many lessons the whole event tells us about Christianity, the media and the deep human desire for a better day.

In the meanwhile, instead of focusing on misguided Christians leaders, media which is hungry for a scandal, and those that would choose to laugh, I want to instead focus on what God truly wants. That is wisdom. We Christians can’t control what other Christians do in Christs name, but we can control what we do in Jesus name.

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