Guest Speaker Pookey

Had a guest speaker at church, Luke Roscoe.
Not really a guest speaker, a friend who comes to our church.

Gave a great message on how the Israelites whinged about the manna, basically the big idea being to appreciate what God has given to us. It is far too easy to find yourself whinging about this that and the other, and forgetting how God really does look after us. A call for balance in this whinging post modern world (my words).

Luke made an interesting point. Because they where whinging, the Israelites started getting bitten by snakes. Luke said that God was not the God Gary Larson portrays, as being in heaven and making the snakes, which he then tipped on the Israelies from a heavenly bucket. No, the snakes were already there. God merely removed His protection from them withdrew His presence because He was sick of their wining.
Interesting point and application to us.

Enjoy today, appreciate it, revel in it, enjoy the pleasures and happiness it brings, most of all live a life of thankfulness and gratefulness.

2 thoughts on “Guest Speaker Pookey”

  1. Wow, this guy Luke sounds like an awesome Godly man – and I hear he’s cute too! If I was a single girl I’d definately go out with him.

  2. mmmmmmm, I have a feeling anonymous might be very close to Luke, hey, it might even be Luke.

    If you want Luke’s phone number, and can get past his mum, drop me an email, and I’ll post you his photo.

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