I was right, unfortunately

The brave Freo side went down. As Connolly has already said, we needed to put more scoreboard pressure on the Dogs. At least it was not a flogging, but a brave effort.

The umpires were carp, and continue the unbelievable run we seem to have. Freo has not had a positive amount of umpire decisions all year. The closest we have had has been the two times we drew even. Those decisions against Josh and Grover cost us, and were both clearly wrong, as the West pointed out this morning.

A word on Medhurst. Despite the bad press some posters are giving him, I thought his effort yesterday was commendable. Okay, he missed 4 or five shots he should have nailed, no doubt. But you cannot fault his endevour, willingess to tackle, or everything else he has been criticised for in the past. With all things being considered, he gave a good effort yesterday. He will kick a bag soon.

And the weagles……..what can you say? I was all set to ring my brother in law and they go and do that. Well done for not giving up. But……. I do believe it shows something not good when the top team in the country allow Carlton to get 45 points up, after the week before allowing Geelong to do something similar. They will not want to do that against other sides.

5 thoughts on “I was right, unfortunately”

  1. Like most Docker fanatics, NOT GOOD ENOUGH. There is no point in sugar coating the poor effort in the sides performance against the Doggies. There was a game to win.

    + We have won at Telstra Dome before
    + Small, enclosed ground – easy to adapt to for the lads
    + We have beaten the Doggies before
    + We can’t seem to win 2 in a row consistently

    WCE two weeks in row coming from behind, even tho a win is a win is 4pts. Its merely a marketing ploy to produce more of those “Comeback Kings” prints 😛

    Oh well here’s The Western Front’s tribute[?] to Chris Connolly’s pre-100th as game coach; http://www.youtube.com/?v=VuwAMYt4Z1k

    Aaarrrrrgh 🙂

  2. One eyed Dockers supporters! I will not reduce myself to your levels, good Christian though I’m sure you are Mark 😉 Condolences on the loss.

    Yep, the Weagles are wonders, but they should not be getting into that position in the first place. The post match navel gazing interviews indicated that.

  3. Us one-eyed Dockers supporters? Never….we only match our one-eyed Weagles supporters.

    Now removing my eye patch…

    Mark Harvey on 7Perth [WA media proud sponsors of WCE :^) he he] with post-R11 and pre-R12 matches talk;

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