Not being ‘that person’

Have you ever had a conversation with someone when you walked away and realised you knew a lot about them, but they hardly even knew your name? Some people are what relational experts call ‘egocentric’. Their world really does revolve around themself. We all know people like this, and they annoy us.

How do we not be that person? Growing up attending Youth Group training, one relational tool my Youth Pastor gave me was FBI. It stood for ‘Family, Business, Interests”. He said that when you met someone new, ask them about these three areas. Most people love talking about themself, and it can be really interesting for you as well. They might even ask you about you…and you might make a friend. Either way…you wont be ‘that person’.

One thought on “Not being ‘that person’”

  1. I like it. I have never heard of the F.B.I. example before. It would help in asking questions about others and also helping think of what to say about yourself… which I find harder of the two!

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