Few things happening….

Mark Mark Mark….busy busy busy….

Selling land
Many Pastors become real estate agents when they leave the ministry, I am one while still in it…sort of.
Our Board has decided to sell the land ourselves, although we are getting some help. This has been a steep learning curve for me, but as with all things, its about people. The revenue from these blocks will help us achieve our long term vision of building a community theatre. Want some great land in Bedford?
Go here

Hub Launch
Very excited as we are only two weeks away from launching our second campus, at ECU Mnt Lawley. Had the core team around for a meal on Sunday night. We shared communion together and I prayed for them all by name. Also asked them what their fears were… We had a great time. I shared with them that their role is to be faithful, and pray for fruitfulness….but ultimately it is God who will bring the growth. If you are interested in getting involved, check out some of the details here

Long service leave
Looks like we have the first four weeks of our long service leave sorted…now for the next 8 or so weeks. Know anyone in Tassie who wants to let us look after their house over Christmas? šŸ˜‰

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