Its been a busy weekend, with a dark Monday to kick off the week.
We look after some children from a family going through some struggles on the weekend. Lovely kids, but having them at our place created an unbalance and made me appreciate my family.

Yesterday I had a few difficult things to deal with. Being a church which meets in a temporary facility brings with it unique challenges. Not owning, or even leasing, property means you don’t have authority to do what you need to sometimes….Brian Houston from Hillsong Church gave a message once on what it was like when his church was renting different facilities. He talked about how ownership gave you authority…and freedom.

Our Church stands at the precipice of our next big move, and it is intimidating, but necessary. We can’t stay where we are, for many reasons.

I have many balls to juggle. Along with trying to sell property, launch a new campus, deal with Church issues for next years and plan for long service. Love my church, love my ministry…but its pretty all encompassing in my thinking at the moment.

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