Grover out, the "Driller" in

Bad sad news down Freo way with our most improved player, Antoni Grover, out for 6 weeks with a shoulder injury. A rather innocuous bump and one of our key defenders is out.
Robbie Haddril is back in the side. With Johnson in All Australian Form, we should be okay.

We need to win this week, playing Geelong at home. Not because I dont think we will win, I think we will, comfortably. Problem is that there are a number of Geelong supporters at church. If we lose on Saturday, I am going to cop it on Sunday.

2 thoughts on “Grover out, the "Driller" in”

  1. So how was your Sunday Mark? Did ya cop it?

    I’m returning to work on Wednesday and I think I will use your line to a Cat co-worker. “Your lads came to play, ours didn’t.” The other come back I have reserved is, “Mind you how many have you won at Subi? It was bound to happen.”

    I think with that, it should shut him up 😉

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