MUD what is it all about?

Someone asked me about MUD during the week. For those who came in late….

M Men
U Under
D Duress

There are times when men need to hang around with other men. Something happens when you get married, and then when you have kids the problem is even more exsaperated. You stop having that important ‘mate’ time. In church environments it can be even worse.
Men need time with other men to do men things, like watch sport, drink, eat, make fart jokes and talk about the intricacies of the offside rule, and argue about Holdens and Fords.

MUD is for that purpose. Sorry ladies! I think its important for there to be times for women to mixwith women, men and women to mix and for men to mix with men. In our busy culture there are not many times when men, especially family men can do that. So MUD is to help in that regard.
MUD MUD MUD oi! oi! oi!

One thought on “MUD what is it all about?”

  1. great write up about MUD

    if guys can have their night out, be it sporting, drinking, camping, bbqing…. surely their partner will benefit from a more relaxed and sane guy 🙂

    hope you have a great night out with the lads.

    footy in a church, great concept. perhaps i should alert the local media about you event to get some publicity 🙂 for the next one and to let other guys there is a safe haven 🙂

    carn the socceroos…. as footy talk for this weekend is out. the cats did come to play.

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