Mud and Croatia

This is it! I did not think I would be so pumped about a Soccer Game. But this is it, Australia’s chance of making history, our first ever foray into the knock out round.
If we win, its off the Fast Eddy’s Morley for Breakfast and a strong coffee.
If we lose, we’ll the less said the better.

TIME 2.30Am

2 thoughts on “Mud and Croatia”

  1. Make sure you book at Slow Eddys. We wandered in around 10:30 one night for coffee. We had four adults and five kids.

    They told us they couldn’t serve us because there was 9 of us. Our group was too big without a booking. Who books a table for coffee? It’s not as if they were full or flat out. We just wanted four coffees and a few milkshakes.

    Meantime a few groups of 3, 4 or 5 went through to tables without a problem. We told them we’d be happy to sit at two tables but they didn’t want our business. They wouldn’t let us in.

    We decided then that we’d never bother them with our custom again.

  2. I have not had much luck with service at Fast Eddy’s either.
    The food is overpriced, the service is unfriendly.
    Hammo wrote a similar thing on his blog a while back.

    Problem is, its either them or Maccas, and despite their multi million dollar ads, they make TERRIBLE coffee.

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