Chris strikes back

Robert Walls has had a rather large go at Chris on the back of the West Australian.
So what.
Robert’s claim to fame as a coach was getting his players to stand in a ring and punch each other senseless.
He is a dreadful commentator, boring, and the master of the obvious statement.
Chris Connolly had this to say at his press conference today,
“His comments are irrelevant. Once you have a bad loss, it’s a bad loss. There is no point in me reading comments by people who don’t know our environment. What does that do?” he said.

Chris’ statement is correct. As a leader, involved in the organisation, he knows far more than Walls. Walls cant even get facts right.
Farmer stages for frees : Farmer never gets free
Mc Manus needs to retire : Mc Manus is having his best year ever, and has been BOG for about 3-5 games this year.
McPharlin got injured in a marking collision with Brad Ottens – McPharlin was actually injured in a contest with Nathan Ablett

You have to admire Chris, he fronted up to the circling sharks, and even managed to point out the absurdity of the situation, saying, “The Prime Minister would not get this much press to his conference”.
That is probably true and shows where sport lies in an Australian’s priorities.
He went on and faced up to the facts as well.

“It was a disgraceful performance by Fremantle football club to whom I coach. Our aim is to make the finals and to win a final. I wouldn’t right off Fremantle just yet. We go into the second half of the season with confidence,” Connolly said.

3 thoughts on “Chris strikes back”

  1. I’m not convinced that Connolly is the best man for the job but that’s not for me to judge. What I do know, however, is that I wouldn’t bother listening to an opinion by Robert Walls. I’m sure that the only reason newspapers let him write stuff is that they know it’ll be controversial. The guy’s a disgrace to the game.

  2. Robert Walls is a premiership coach and player. Maybe not everything he said was accurate, but gee he was close to the bone on a number of things.

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