I’m Excited!

Go you mighty Socceroos,
need to go have a nap, and get the lungs ready for kickoff, just after 2.30 am.

If you dont watch the game, where is your national pride???
And what will you talk about round the water cooler tommorow???

5 thoughts on “I’m Excited!”

  1. I reckon they’ll still play pretty well whether I’m awake to watch or not.

    I don’t enjoy the game so it’d be wasted on me. I’ll get the lowdown when I chat to my sports expert on-air tomorrow morning.

    However, I will expect you to join me in the wee small hours in July to watch the Aussies riding in the Tour de France. 🙂

  2. men on bikes, yawn, sorry Rod,
    unless there is an Australian to cheer on, big yawn.
    But I imagine for a bike rider like yourself it would be exciting.
    Now how can you combine Indian curry and bike riding, then you would be really excited! 🙂

  3. There’ll be about 10 Aussies to cheer on. Aussies have won the Green sprinters Jersey a few times and Cadel Evans is shaping up as a future Yellow Jersey winner.

    Australians have had remarkable success at the tour in recent years which is not bad considering it is by far the biggest and most viewed annual sporting event in the world as well as being the mnost physically demanding on the athletes. Nothing else comes close.

    They have over 15,000,000 people lining the route to watch the event live as well as over 2,000,000,000 watching on TV around the world.

    C’mon, where’s your national pride?

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