Praying spiritual boundaries around the home

There is a lot swirling around in my mind.

This month at Inglewood Community Church we are doing a series entitled “coming home”.

I had no intention of going down the line I have with this series, but God had other ideas. For whatever reason, every message has had a spiritual battle flavour to it. This was not planned. But it is being led by the Spirit, in my humble opinion.

This week we are dealing with ‘The Lord’s Prayer’. I encourage you to read it in the context of thinking about how it applies to the family home. “Your kingdom come’. How do we see the Kingdom of God being advanced in the Christian home? In your home? When God’s Kingdom is being advanced, the evil ones kingdom is being threatened. So your home suddenly becomes a spiritual battlefield. You can’t take that lightly, or be ignorant of it.

If you think about evil, it is insidious, and it creeps into our family home, in a contemporary home, in ways it never used to be able to. I am not advocating having your home as a fortress, but it should be a sanctuary. Quite different.

This is because if the kingdom is to be advanced in your home, your home also needs to be a mission field. And a fortress is not a welcoming place, it is designed to keep the world out. In fact our homes should be welcoming, inviting places. Places we have parties, dinners, friends over…no matter what spirituality they have. It can’t be a fortress.

So the important aspect of our faith that perhaps we may have overlooked is prayer. Targeted prayer for your home, house and family.

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