Almost ready to go…

Its no secret that I ‘hit the wall’ a few months back, and so put in place the need for an extended break from ministry. Fortunately I have my long service leave due, so will be handing responsibility for leading Inglewood Community Church to my associate for 3 months.

Strange as this is, now…I feel invigorated. I think its because I know the holiday is coming. I have not had a day off in 3 weeks, even Mondays have been busy with meetings. Because there is so much going on at Church, with property and development issues, and because I am going on break, I have needed to push through.
Which is not to say I have not been planning my holiday/sabbatical….I have.

I have asked some good friends to give me a book that they have read which has really impacted them, or that they think I should read. I asked the lads from my peer group for this…and a couple of them have come through.

While I am away, there is a lot going on at Inglewood Community Church. I even have my friend and mentor coming to preach one Sunday! (November 20th).

Suffice to say, there will be some posts on this blog over the next few months, but I have not yet decided what I will post…whether it will be about the break, or other things. Stay tuned.

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