We were robbed, but valiant

Well done Socceroos. Shattering all preconceptions we went further than anyone thought we would. If it had not been a clearly wrong decision by Spanish Ref Luis Medina Cantalejo, we were in with a chance.
We clearly had the most of the play.

Thats life.
Our MUD events were great, culminating tonight with a bunch of guys, great fun.
Roll on 2010 I say!

2 thoughts on “We were robbed, but valiant”

  1. socceroos weren’t robbed…. they were outplayed. guus had a number of options to attack and continue attack with italy being down to 10 players in 2nd half for 40mins or so. guus risked it so it woulod go into extra time.

    socceroos neill broke rule 4 which was;
    “4.)when not playing the ball, intentionally obstructing an opponent, i.e. running between the opponent and the ball, or interposing the body so as to form an obstacle to an opponent”

  2. I freely admit I dont know much about Soccer, but every commentator I have read, including international ones, all say it was not a penalty.
    But good luck to the Italians, thats sport, thats the World Game, thats soccer.

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