The Fremantle Dockers and Season 2012

It has been a while since I have posted anything Freo related.

This year shapes up as a defining year for the club….like the last 15.
The players all seem in shape and passionate for climbing up the ladder….like the last 15.

The big difference is our coach. Ross Lyon comes with a big reputation for strong discipline and work ethic. Already there are reports of players losing significant weight, and having renewed application to training.

They will need to, for Lyons sake. This present administration have proven time and time again that they have no sense of loyalty to anything apart from their own agenda. Lyon comes in knowing fully well that he has a short period of time before the CEO will be sharpening his knife. Like a new education minister, the club CEO has come in with a raft of changes to make sure his ‘branding’ is all over the club. I suspect the sacking of Harvey and replacing him with Lyon had as much to do with Steve Rosich ego as any plan for team success.

Watch your back Lyon, make sure that contract is water tight.

Having said all that…I support the club, not the administration, and I hope we do have a great year.

4 thoughts on “The Fremantle Dockers and Season 2012”

  1. There’s also no guarantee’s that Lyon will fulfil his contract.
    I’m a Lyon fan, well I was-he got us into two GF’s and we could/should have won either of them.
    But the way he did this didn’t exude integrity. Given your comments about Rosich maybe they’re made for each other.

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