Tasmania Trip Photos

Here are some of my favourite photos from our recent trip to Tasmania

After Driving about 1300 Kilometres on the first day, and staying at Madura, we were lucky enough to make it to the Great Australian Bight for breakfast. Coco pops and milk…and a stunning view.



The road across the Nullabor is strangely fascinating. But with the Zooks average fuel capacity, I stopped at most fuel stops. Ruby enjoyed the whale!


We got to Melbourne quicker than expected and spent a day there. Then we boarded the ‘Spirit of Tasmania’ for the 10 hour boat trip. The cabin was great. If traveling with your family I recommend traveling at night. We went to sleep at about 10pm and were woken at 6.45am. Great fun.





Tasmania produce is amongst the best in the world. Rasberries were cheap and plentiful, so were cherries, apricots and other superb fruit.



Cradle Mountain is perhaps the middle of Tasmania…in a spiritual sense. Our young family managed to climb to Marions lookout. A great sense of accomplishment. About 13 Kilometres and 6 hours.




The North West Coast of Tasmania is certainly our favourite part. Here we are fishing at Arthur River for ‘Cockie Salmon’. We did get some!





Love being able to drive on the beach.





The North West Coast of Tasmania, beautiful untouched coastline and a Zook? What more does a boy need?

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