What Docker Slide?

This is an interesting article from the Australian,

“Swans and Dockers find comfort in figures
Greg Denham June 29, 2006
FOR all the recent criticism of Fremantle and Sydney, neither team has lost any ground this season, compared to where they were at the corresponding time last season.
After 12 rounds, the Swans have won seven games, the same number as this time last year. The Dockers, with six wins, are a game ahead of 12 months ago.
For all the witch-hunting within Sydney after consecutive home-ground losses, and all the negativity surrounding Chris Connolly’s tenure at Fremantle after two straight losses, there has been no downward slide.
Perhaps supporters are uneasy because pre-season expectations in both camps put them higher on the ladder than their present standings.
The fact is there is an upside for both clubs. The Swans may have only one senior player unavailable for the game against Fremantle on Saturday night and the Dockers could have as many as four players returning from injury, including captain Peter Bell.
In addition, after this weekend Fremantle plays six of its last nine games at Subiaco Oval, where it has won four of six this season.

I will be in Sydney next week. Cant see us winning at the SCG, but it sure would be nice!
I will be away for the home game against Essendon. Should win that one! If we dont, well I think Chris will be goooone.

2 thoughts on “What Docker Slide?”

  1. I agree with the article Mark, it’s true we haven’t “slipped” from last year, but we haven’t shown any signs of improvement from the last few either. Still sporadiacally brilliant, consistently inconsistent and ill-disciplined, with a group of players whose development seems to have stagnated. Six and six isn’t bad, but it’s pretty much where we’ve been since 2003 and I think it’s an underachievement with the list we have. I think if old CC doesn’t turn it around by year’s end it has to be “Golden handshake” time.
    By the way, this week’s is exactly the sort of game they will win – no one expects them to do any good. It’s the potentially tough games people think they should win where they go to water. I panic when I hear CC say “This is a mini-final for us.” That’s a signal to go put $10 on the opposition. Broady

  2. At the moment, I dont think Chris has much to do with it, and thats a problem.
    I agree that he has till the rest of the year, but if we lose to Essendon, our year is gone, because I seriously doubt we have any chance against the swans

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