Retravsion, Strathfields and bad service.

Went down to Retravision today because in todays West they had a MP3 player advertised. It is not the best one, but was inexpensive.
Of course, despite the ad being in todays West, they did not have any stock. I rang a few other Retravisions, and of course, they did not have stock either.

Do they just put some super specials in the advertisement to get you in the door when they may have only 2 or 3 in the store of the stock? Its hard not to be cynical.

Strathfields are no better though. I went to get a battery for a relatives phone which was broken. I was in a rush to get to the store before they closed at 5.30pm. I jumped out of the car, heard the announcer say 5.25pm. No prob as I was literally three steps from the door. Unfortunately the door was shut, locked and no one would open it up for me. If your going to advertise you are open to 5.30, that is when you should be opened till.

No problem. Down to Officeworks who are open to six, and got the battery on the returns counter for half price.

Look, my life is great, and I have nothing to whinge about. But I will say this. If it were not for our laxodocial Aussie attitude, half the business’ in Perth would not survive.

One thought on “Retravsion, Strathfields and bad service.”

  1. You are lucky I have had nothing but slack service from the Black forest strathfield store , they never ring you back even after 5 weeks had passed & then when I did drop in they had the wrong part anyway

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