The supernatural occurs amongst some very ordinary circumstances.

God is not bound by the rules of nature. But after He has intersected with them, they return.

God can do anything He wants, but He does not force His will upon us. It is our choice whether we believe, follow and obey Him.



3 thoughts on “Supernatural”

  1. Thanks Mark,
    Always loved this song. Got to see DC Talk play it live on their Solo tour when we lived in Michigan in 2001.

    I agree wholeheartedly with your thoughts. Watched and SBS doco last night on the development of the scientific understanding of what light is. Interesting, and sad, how the church in the Middle ages came down so hard on the early scientists and those who investigated natural and physical world, the church didn’t like things they held in awe and wonder (like rainbows) being explained away. But though science has revolutionised our understanding of the natural, God’s ability to intervene supernaturally to help people is what amazes me.

    BTW, where is the blog entry for the big game last Sat?!

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