Speaking at Mighty Mens Conference Tasmania

Interesting how God works.
While traveling around Tasmania on my long service leave I had opportunity to speak at the God’s Squad Church in Launceston. Most people will say the last thing a Pastor on long service leave should do is preach at a church. However I spoke to Melinda and she was happy for me to speak, and it sounded like fun.
It turned out to be one of the most enjoyable speaking times I have had. We met together to pray before the service. About 10 real ‘blokey’ blokes covered in tatts, leather jackets and boots….and me…praying together pre-service. A latte sipping tech head pastor from Perth. They prayed…hard and authentic. I had no access to a printer so to compound my persona issues I had to preach from my MacBook. The congregation of about 50 people in a smallish room. Great praise…and a small bar down the back (not open on Sundays).

Fortunately they were a gracious mob…and they encouraged me more than I think I encouraged them. But God worked in our midst.

Having met the blokes and then reconnected at the Mighty Mens Conference in Cuballing, one of the leaders has asked me to speak at their conference in Launceston. Challenging but encouraging. If your in Launceston, drop in on the Friday Night. And if you are the praying type, keep me and the conference in your prayers.

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