Ross Lyon …the verdict so far

To say Ross Lyon’s appointment to the Dockers was controversial is like saying that frozen water is called ice. I spoke about it when it first happened (here).

What I said there about Lyon was that he would have to perform well with the heartless Rosich at the wheel. I stick by that.

But putting aside how he got the job for a moment, what sort of a job is he doing?
Well initial results look very pleasing. Not just because the Dockers have a healthy 3-1 win loss record, but also the way those wins have come about. The Geelong game was an exciting but hard game against last years premiers, and we won. The win against Brisbane, while boring, was at least proof that we can think our way through a team which decided to try and slow and restrict the game.
The loss against Sydney was disappointing. We did not turn up to play until the second half. But unlike some other years, the players did not drop their heads, but turned up to play and almost snatched an unlikely victory.
The win against the Saints was particularly meritorious. Freo don’t play the small Edihad at all well, but the Friday Night spotlight did not daunt us this game. A focused and most notably organised Docker outfit turned up…and ground out a win against a quality opposition in the Saints.

We can talk about injuries, the players and what they do. But there are many signs that the coach has made a significant difference to our fitness, desire and game style. All which look like bringing good results.

Just one or two hints Ross. Silvangi is a gun defender. The sooner you get him in the side the better. Dawson…..uugh. I hope he proves me wrong, and his second half on Friday was adequate. But the clangers….Grover is a far better and more reliable defender.

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  1. Nice article Mark. Two notes:

    In Dawson’s defense, all players produce “clangers” – it is human – but a defender’s clanger is more costly because a scoring opportunity usually results. A forward’s clanger (as minimal as a point scored from a shot at goal) still gives the opposition possession of the ball which is the failure…because possession of the ball is the purpose of our great game.

    Sydney is a quality side. Geelong are also in that category. The brightest feature of the Dockers’ win against St Kilda on Friday night was the geography…they won AWAY! Well done Fremantle.

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