God needs no apologies from me…..

“It has taken me 43 years to confess that I have been embarrassed by some of God’s actions.

In my arrogance, I believed I could make Him more attractive or palatable if I covered up some of His actions.

So I neglected speaking on certain passages, or I would rush through certain statements God made in order to get to the ones I was comfortable with, the ones I knew others would like.

I am just now seeing the ugliness of my actions.

Like the nervous kid who tries to keep his friends from seeing his drunken father, I have tried to hide God at times.

Who do I think I am?

The truth is, God is perfect and right in all that He does. I am a fool for thinking otherwise. He does not need nor want me to cover for Him. There’s nothing to be covered. Everything about Him and all He does is perfect.”

(Francis Chan)

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