Fremantle Dockers….and Lyon Part Two

It was only this week that I wrote that Freo Members should give Lyon a go, and the new game plan, while ugly, was effective. Here

This might be the quickest turnaround ever, but maybe I was wrong.

Lyon’s greatest strength, his stubborness and single mindedness, might also be his and therefore the teams, weakness.

I have admired that it has taken him such a short time to turn Freo into the team he wishes them to be. Whatever you think of his game plan, they are trying to implement it., and have done a reasonable job of it so far.

But the weekends game against Hawthorn proved that Ross needs to have a long hard look at the players available to him, and adapt. Its one thing to strangle the life out of a team, but you still have to kick more goals than them.

I am no football expert….and that is pretty obvious. But it seems to me that unless you kick more goals than the other side, you lose. And at the moment we are robbing Peter to pay Paul….by putting our two best forwards, Pavlich and Ballyntyne, in the midfield rather than close enough to the big sticks.

As an adjunct to this article, how about the resilience of the average Freo member, and their good humour. We stick with our team, through the jibes about our trophy cabinet, the arrogance and smugness of the team down the road…all the time embracing the Purple.

Ross Lyon will come and go…that is for sure. There is no point being too frustrated with him. Time will tell if he and the team can achieve the success it craves. At the moment, the jury is out. But footy is like that. And unlike some….I support the team through thick and thin.

10 thoughts on “Fremantle Dockers….and Lyon Part Two”

  1. I’m not sure that we can read too much into last weekend. The Hawks are resurgent this year, and Freo in Launceston has to be the toughest road trip in football.

  2. Mark the subject of your blog cam up on my email as Fremantle Dockers and Lyons part …. Has he gotta a better offer????

  3. “And unlike some….I support the team through thick and thin.”
    Your morally higher ground is dually noted! 😉

  4. ha ha ha….did you think that comment resembled you Travis??

    If the hat fits…

    I reckon your conscience is getting the better of you…

  5. No guilt felt at all. What I like the best is above your photo: Dockers Tragic. No two words better suited together.

    I shall now go and enjoy my hat!

  6. I think real damage was done to the Dockers when some one in management at the dockers decided to do some underhanded and gutless moves that has for me lowered our honest and clean hopes of being a real football club , someone should look at the loss of real heart and the real spirit when the back stabbing of Harvey was done . No one liked what was done (no one ! ). I think the results are coming through now . We have someone who has no real affiliation with anyone and especially with us . You can see it in the players . There is no real spark anymore . I have never thought that someting like this would hapen to us but it has , our coach is a self centered hack and we will not recover untill he has gone . and then it will take a long time , a long time ! The heart of the club at the moment is gone !

  7. We know that our player are better than what we have seen in the past 3-4 weeks . The game has changed in the last few years and most of the coaches that are doing well have also .
    Think that with the limited interchange and the speed of the game means that you don’t want to run from one end of the ground to the other before you can kick a goal . With good skills and some energy still in the tank we can back our players to win the ball , that is what they were recruited on .
    That is the game the young talented players want to play, and that is where there talent is .
    This is not America where the managers make the move and run the game from the sidelines for the dumb f—s cant think for themselves .
    Some structures are needed and some game plans are also but once the game is underway who know what is going to happen next , split decisions are needed and instinct to make your own decisions, where to run to in relation to the play not to run to hold some space somewhere preempted . When you think of AFL and the ground , you see the positions all over the ground not all the players in the back line .
    Every year when it comes to the finals the game changes to a slog , a struggle man on man the strongest in mind , a will and the confidence to make your own decisions usually wins . The team with the energy left to crawl over the line will win . lets get back to what wins game when the finals come round . Build a team around that .

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