Testing your call

In the Christian life, there is often a testing of your ‘call’.

Many ministers and missionaries will talk of the ‘call of God’ on your their lives. It is certainly true that there is a call to ministry. But let us not think that this call is just for those doing ministry full or part time. God’s call is for everyone of us.

There are times that call is tested.

People: Sometimes there are people in our lives who are argumentative, painful and just plain antagonistic to our faith. With the rise of social media, we Christians can find ourselves caught up in all sorts of arguments and slinging matches. Aggressive atheism can distract us from our main call…loving God..loving people. And it is not just those outside of the Church. Church people can be ‘well intentioned dragons’. Back handed compliments, disagreements over small issues, gossip and hypocrisy in other believers can distract us from our call.

Circumstances: Our lives get busy, we forsake the gathering of ourselves together (in other words we stop going to church or small group) This takes our spiritual energy and gets us off our call. Our children become very important to us, perhaps too important sometimes.  Work takes precedence over our call, lovely distractions take precedence over our call…life takes precedence over our call.

Institutions: The Church can be its own worse enemy as well. Making us too busy with keeping the organisation going that we forget it is a organism. Relationships are what is most important to our call. Loving God, loving people.

Spiritual Rhythm: Before my feet touch the floor, I will think of you Jesus. This has been a bit of a focus for me. If my spiritual rhythm  is off, then the rest of my life is out of centre as well. Anger, sin, slothfulness, ill focus.

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