Essendon trundle on

Great game between the Saints and Dons.
Dissapointing from a Freo POV that Essendon could not win. But thats life.

Mc Phee does not look at his best either. That’s what happens when a average player has to play as a key play maker.

Robert Harvey is a trooper. Defintely amongst the best players on the field today.
But overall St Kilda’s effort, with such a talented side, was pretty dissapointing, they dont really have anything to be proud of, winning in the dying minutes of the game, having been behind most of the day to a team who have been terrible most of the year.
Essendon have never had such a bad season in my memory. Wonder who they are going to beat this season, maybe the Blues? How the mighty coaches of the AFL have fallen.

3 thoughts on “Essendon trundle on”

  1. yeah, we definately weren’t switched on today. Didn’t look like a team trying to win.

    But sometimes you win the ones you’re not meant to.

    Still get the four points though.

    I reckon this’ll be Sheedy’s last season, interesting article in the paper this morning about Essendon’s woeful recruiting.

  2. A report in today’s Sunday Times that they’ll be keeping Sheedy on for next year.
    I think something needs to change for them otherwise they’ll be down with not much hope of getting up.

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