Cracking Win, Very good coaching

Malthouse was comprehensively outcoached today by the positive Chris Connolly.
One interesting tactic which the team employed in the last quarter was long torpedo kicks into the 50. It has come out after the game that this was a tactic Chris instigated amongst the players, and it worked a treat. It kept the Pies defenders on their toes, and with Jeff Farmer running amok in the forward 50, we won a good quality game.

Special Mentions to Bell, 38 Possessions, Josh Carr, brilliant, tough and in it when it counted.
Drum played well for a young player, kicking a valuable goal, and his first in AFL.
Sandilands won it in the middle for us consistently, and it showed in the clearances.

Pavlich did not have his best game, and the defender on him played out of his skin, but Pav still managed to kick some goals.
Mc Pharlin played in defense and played well on Rocca.

Des Hedland got a rev up at half time and it showed with a BOG third quarter.
Shaun, my favourite player, also played well, without needing to dominate.
Go Freo!!
Next week against the Melbourne Demons will be a tough tough test, even at Subi. But the Demons do not fear Subi. But don’t write us off, if we play like we did today, we are in with a chance.

Just one note on the umpires.
They played some very soft frees to both sides, and while they were consistent in their softness, it does not help the players, who were getting very frustrated from both sides.

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