Eve..and Adam

Just a brief thought to ponder.

There was a point in the garden when Adam had not yet fallen…but Eve had.  Adam chose to fall for Eve’s charms above obedience to God. And has anything changed? Probably not. Men….worship women, and that is not good. Women, particularly images of women, are used to sell everything from beer to life insurance.

6000 years later (or so) man has not changed much. Women still lead us from obedience and worship of God, to instead, worship them.

This post may be taken in entirely the wrong way. I love my wife…and she loves me. It is not meant to be a woman attacking post. Love, adoration and intimacy, within a marriage context is not only good, its fantastic, a gift from God. But its interesting to think about our fascination with porn and lust…in light of what happened in the garden.

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